About Noober Goobers



Thanks for stopping by.  We’re Noober Goobers and we make awesome internet videos!

Our videos focus on Gaming and the Gaming Industry.  You may have seen some of them already.  If not, feel free to browse Our Projects and have yourself a little laugh (or a big one).  We’re a team of two, based out of San Francisco, California.  Our viewers refer to us as “Noober Naya” and “Goober Guy”, but we just refer to ourselves as Naya and Guy.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we LOVE video games, and feel extremely blessed that we’re able to mix something that we love into an art-form and to be able to call it our jobs.  Our videos are a creative expression of who we are.  They’re about much more than video games, although that’s the primary focus of them.  If there were one thing that we’d want you to know about us it would be that we are passionate and professional about what we do here!

Why We’re Different



What sets us apart from the hundreds of thousands of other Online Content Creators out there?

Noober Goobers creates UNIQUE, HIGH-QUALITY, never before seen content (and we’re only getting started).  That passion that we have for video games?  We show it in our daily internet content.  We are the original creators of the “Why We Love” Documentary series as well as many other original series focused on the Gaming Industry.

Noober Goobers is truly “Changing the Game”.  Our passion isn’t reflected in our gaming videos alone.  It shows in the daily interaction that we have devoted ourselves to with our fan-base.  It shows in the further development and implementation of our original content.  It shows in the increasing quality of what we provide to our viewers.  But, most importantly, it shows in the positive changes that we are making within the gaming community itself.